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10-12 January, 2024

The Department of Mathematics of Mata Sundri College for Women, University of Delhi, is organizing an International Conference on Mathematics and Applications from January 10-12, 2024. The primary objective of the conference is to create a dynamic and stimulating environment that fosters interaction and in-depth discussions about Mathematics. By bringing together researchers, scholars and academicians from all over the world, the conference aims to provide a comprehensive platform for participants to explore various branches of Mathematical Sciences. It shall serve as an exceptional platform for attendees to learn about the latest methodologies, techniques, and diverse applications of Mathematics in solving real-world problems.

The conference shall have keynote address, plenary talks, invited talks, paper presentations, panel discussions, symposiums etc. By providing a space for researchers and experts to share their insights, the conference contributes to the expansion of knowledge in the field. Attendees will gain valuable insights from the presentations and intensive discussions, enhancing their understanding of Mathematics and its applications. Additionally, the conference fosters collaboration among participants, potentially leading to future research collaborations and partnerships.

The conference promotes the interdisciplinary nature of Mathematics by highlighting its relevance and applications in various fields. Through this conference, the organizers aim to contribute to the advancement of Mathematics, encourage research endeavours and inspire individuals to pursue excellence in the field.

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